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GST software

The GSTN is going to serve as central infrastructure backbone of GST. Many private companies have been invited to help government maintain and manage the infrastructure support that will be required as all the indirect taxes departments get merged. These partners will be called GSPs i.e GST Service Providers. Where the GSPs will help to connect with the GSTN, there will be other partners called ASPs i.e Application Service Provider

For return filing registered taxpayers will be able to do their taxes through ASPs route or by directly through GSPs.

GST Software

GST Marg as ASP and its GST Software Solution.

GST Marg Providing user friendly GST Software solution to help user and enterprises get GST ready.

The features include:

End to End GST Compliance

GST Compliant Invoice Recording

  • Sales & Purchase Registry
  • Credit Note
  • Advance Payment

Tax Computaion & Validation

  • CGST, SGST, IGST determination
  • Place & Time of Supply of Goods and Services
  • TCS Determination
  • HSN & SAC Mapping & Validations
  • Exemption rule definition & Validations

Automated Return Preparation, Return Filling with Digital Signature
Return Reconciliation

  • Simple & Intutive reconciliation workflow
  • Tracking & Amendments

Input Credit & Tax Receivable Management

Client Management

  • Client Login to avoid physical data collection
  • Avoid last minute data collection and misfiling - Multi user view and access for real time collaboration
  • Client communication & collaboraion
  • Faster onboarding through integration with government and other systems

Reduce Your Workload

  • Automated data import from leadeing software
  • Dashboard with Task Management & Notifications
  • Compliance calendar
  • Intelligent data validation for mistake-proofing
  • Comprehensive Reporting